Frenchie's Fabulous Co-Owners, Michael (aka "Frenchie") and Janie (aka "Mrs. Frenchie"), have been together for a long time.  If we told you how long, you would know how old we are, and, well...  So, we started Frenchie's Fabulous in 2012, kind of by accident.  Michael was trying to recreate and improve a recipe he saw on television when, long story short, our product was born!

Frenchie has been a chef for something like 25 years, so he knows what he's doing.  He knows how to create a really yummy nut mix from the very best nuts, spices and other mix-ins.

Frenchie cooks and tosses the ingredients by hand and the team works together to package, label and ship the product.  We prefer to use ingredients from local suppliers, whenever possible.

Our Mission
The Frenchie's Fabulous Nut Company mission is to create the finest gourmet nut mixes and provide the very best service available. We exist to attract, satisfy, and maintain customers. When we adhere to this credo, everything else falls into place. Our products and services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Oh, and also, we are PROUD Go Texan members!